Your vantage point determines your vision

Psalm 73

1. Asaph’s education taught him that:
a. God blesses His people.
b. God blesses the pure in heart.

2. Asaph’s experience messed up what he learned. 

3. Asaph was confused about the sinner:
a. Their prosperity
b. Their peace
c. Their pleasure
d. Their pride
e. Their progress.

When we view things from the wrong vantage point we end up wallowing or wining, and begin to doubt what we know about the omnipotent God.

4. What Asaph encountered:

He moved from the slippery ground from his human perspective to God’s perspective, with which Asaph saw:
a. The foolishness of self.
b. The fullness of the Saviour.
   (i) The presence of God.
   (ii) The protection of God.
  (iii) The person of God.
  (iv) The perspective of God.
c. The future of the sinner.

In these troubled times we must like Asaph, make sure that we see things from God’s perspective.