Those who are forgiven much, love much

Luke 7:36-50

These are most precious words from God: “Your sins are forgiven.”

  1. A religious life and reputation does not save one.
    The Pharisees trusted in their external appearance, but neglected the inside.
    We must ask what we base our salvation on. Is it our good deeds and appearance?

  2. Only a Penitent Faith in Jesus Christ saves.
    The woman was exposed to Jesus’ preaching before (Luke 4:43-44). She saw that she was a wretched sinner in need of forgiveness. It was like when the people’s hearts were cut during Pentecost (Acts 2).

  3. A Desperate Seeking after being Convicted of Sin is followed by forgiveness.

  4. Loving Gratitude for Salvation
    The woman responded to the experience of salvation by searching for and coming to Jesus, wetting His feet with her tears and anointing them with precious ointment.

    We observe that:
    a. Salvation is by Grace alone.
    b. Jesus has the authority to forgive sins.
    c. As Christians we need God’s assurance that our sins are forgiven.

Are you astounded and grateful for Christ’s Compassion and Forgiveness?
Are you more like Simon the Pharisee, or like this forgiven woman?
Are you willing to give your best in worship of Your Saviour?
If you are truly saved, you will be willing to do even the most menial tasks for God’s glory.