A Portrait of a Man Wholly Devoted to the LORD

2 Chronicles 14 & 15

Aspects in the life of king Asa:

  1. He worshiped the only true God.
  2. He was devoted to hard work for God.
  3. He was dedicated to the Word of God.
  4. He removed the wicked and idolatrous practices and images of his forefathers.
  5. He started to reform the worship of God in the temple and the country, which resulted in revival.
  6. He effected a reformation, which starts at home.


  1. Are we like this? Do we really have this dedication to the Word of God?
  2. Are we willing to confront sin in our own lives?
    Asa’s greater Son, the LORD Jesus Christ was dedicated to fulfill the will of God, addressing sin in Israel. He was the ultimate fulfillment of Old Testament sacrifices in going to the cross to die for our sins.
  3. Are we going to follow in His footsteps?
  4. In his distress, Asa cried to the Lord His God for help against the Ethiopian multitude.
  5. True prayer is pleading the honor of God’s Name.