62 Paul’s People, Passion & Prayer

Romans 10:1

Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved. (ESV)

  1. Paul’s People
    He’s thinking of his brethren in Rome, fellow believers whom he never met. But his fellow Jews rejected the Gospel, which says that the Lord Jesus came:
    a. As God’s Prophet to save men and women from ignorance (stupidity).
    b. As Priest, from the guilt and power of their sin.
    c. As King, from the dominion of the world and the devil.

  2. Paul’s Passion
    Our Evangelical passion needs to be rekindled to be like that of the Apostle Paul.
    His heart’s desire for the lost was for them to be saved.
    He longed for the deliverance of his fellow Israelites.
    It ought to be our passion too for the lost and our heritage.
    We complain about the world’s rottenness, but do we have a desire to reach it with the Gospel of our Prophet, Priest and King? – which is the only way that it can be redeemed.

  3. Paul’s Prayer
    Prayer is Impotence grasping at Omnipotence.
    Only God can make a lost sinner a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.