59 God’s Sovereignty in Salvation

Romans 9:6-22

The Word of the Lord will be fulfilled. What God has purposed will come to pass.

Salvation always begins with God. He continues it and will complete it. For this we are thankful. 

Paul teaches us:

  1. Divine Selection
    It is not about a good position (vv 6-10) or about good performance (v 11) – it’s about God’s purposes (vv 11-13) — not family, nor fruit, but the Father. 

  2. Divine Sovereignty
    God is always just in His dealings:
    a. Moses (vv 15-16) 
    b. Pharaoh (vv 17-18)

    Praise God that He doesn’t treat us fairly, but extending His grace to whom He wills.

He is sovereign and none can question His will.
He does what He pleases and doesn’t need anyone’s advice.

God gets as much glory from displaying His wrath as He does from showing His grace.

Are you going to let God be God in your life?
Then thank Him for His great salvation and witness to others about it.