52 A Life of Worldliness Won’t End Well

Genesis 19v30-38

All of Lot’s compromises led to tragic consequences. Sin has consequences. This passage is so lurid (shockingly vivid) that many commentators avoid it. Some say it should not be preached. But, we read in Luke 17 what the Lord Jesus said about the time of Lot and Noah and that His Second Coming will occur in a similar time. He warns us that those who seek to save their life will lose it. We know Lot was righteous (see Gen. 18, 2nd Peter 2), but look how he failed! It shows us that when God saves a remnant, the vestiges of sin remain in the believer. This passage also shows us how Israel grew in comparison to the nations around them.

  1. A Life of Worldliness ends in Fear and Isolation
    Lot slowly sank into depression. His fear kept him from staying in Zoar, yet he was too proud to go back to Abraham and fled to the mountains even though God had assured him he would be safe in Zoar. The Lord sometimes lets us bump our heads. Consider how worldliness has entered the Church too! The Seeker Sensitive movement leaves many open to worldliness (have we not seen this?).

  2. A Life of Worldliness Leads to Family Dysfunction and Degeneration
    a. A Perverted Perception – Lot’s daughters created a false problem. Then they added a ‘noble’ purpose. And they no longer thought such things are really that serious (cf John 2:15-16)!
    But what is worldliness?
    * Materialistic love
    * Hedonism – but we should please God and not ourselves
    * Entertainment
    * Conforming to the Culture around is – we think their ways are OK, but worldlings do NOT understand life better than we do!
    * The Lusts of the flesh – there are many around! Beware!

    b. A Perverted Plan – “Let us make our father drunk…” Don’t drink! Yes, a little is not sinful, but rather stay away! Rom13:13. Note that strife and jealousy are as bad as carousing! Also see Gal. 5:19, Eph. 5:18, 1 Peter 4:3.

    c. A Perverted Purpose (v32b) – was their family even worth preserving? Their actions were not guided by a Biblical sense of purpose.

  3. A Life of Worldliness Leads to Drunkenness, Immorality, and Incest
    Even the culture of Sodom forbade this. When you linger in sin, this is the consequence!

  4. A Life of Worldliness ends in Sowing Seeds for future Ungodliness
    Note first the mercy and grace of God! A Moabite and Ammonite were in Jesus’ line! But both nations served abominable gods and made Israel to sin. And they hired Balaam. So, they were prevented from entering the assembly.

Paul understood the difference between this and a Godly life (2 Tim. 4:7). Don’t suffer shipwreck! Remember Demas. We want to be in our Lord, not the world. Even if what God calls us to seems to the flesh to be hard, we must do it! He knows better than us – do what He says! Don’t allow worldliness into the Church. We live and move and have our being in Christ, together!