50 Angels & Abominations

Genesis 19v1-11

In this Scripture passage we see angels and abominations. The abominations are not demons, but people.

  1. The Arrival of the Angels
    a.  Lot’s humility.
    “Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.” (see Phil. 2:2-4).
    b.  Lot’s Hospitality.
    It seems Lot wasn’t even aware he was dealing with angels. Too often we don’t believe in heavenly beings. Perhaps we too would be visited by God’s messengers. Always give people the benefit of the doubt. Hospitality should have no other nature but love.

  2. The Arrival of the Abominations
    To this day we refer to homosexuality as Sodomy. There are two things we cannot do with the Bible in our hands:
    a.  Condone Homosexuality.
    b.  Hate Homosexuals.

    It is not only the sinner who is affected by their sin, but their loved ones too. We need to be very careful and discrete – love, but don’t condone, rather err on the side of grace – better still not to err at all.
    Notice, all the people of Sodom – to the last man! We see here debauchery and homosexuality. Jude, in verse 7, mentions unnatural desire. This can only be the latter.

  3. Lot’s Plea
    He starts with pleading – a good place to start. He was burdened with the weight of sin and desire for righteousness. This is what makes a believer.
    Lot’s readiness to protect the angels is commendable, but his proposal is cowardly, evil and entirely wrong. Remember though, the Bible still calls him righteous, despite this despicable fault.
    It doesn’t seem that Lot recognised these men as angels. How often do we miss the Lord’s intervention – even when it is in our house!

  4. Their Sinful Perseverance
    The people accused Lot – a stranger and different. And they kept on seeking to sin, even after being struck with physical blindness!

  5. The Lord’s Protection & Punishment
    Divine justice often strikes down people as a warning, but people forget. The LGBTQ++ movement have God as their enemy. This is their problem. But we must not hate them. We cannot help God out – as Lot tried to do. We need His help. He knows how to help us out!!

a.  God hates evil and responds to it directly.
b.  Recognise God’s help.
c.  Don’t try to help God.