48 God’s Covenant with Abram

Genesis 17


Like I said this morning, anything that we do that is not the design of God is “Hagar-ism” – it is self-reliance and a deviation from Sola Scriptura. For thirteen years God didn’t speak to Abram or Sarai, He spoke to Hagar. Now we see Him speaking again with Abram, making a covenant with him.

  1. God’s Covenant with Abram
    The covenant consisted of the following elements:
    a. A change of name for Abram.
    b. A commonwealth of nations, kings coming from Abram through Isaac, not Ishmael.
    c. Circumcision of the nations as sign.
    d. Christ for the nations – the Son of the covenant – singular offspring, who is Jesus.

  2. Abram’s Concerns
    a. Abram’s Carnal Scornfulness – laughing at God’s promise that Sarai would bear a son, doubting due to her age.
    b. Abram’s Carnal Suggestion – proposing Ishmael instead.
  3. God’s Confirmation
    But God knows better, loves and cares better than us. He confirms that Sarai will bear Isaac through whom He will confirm His covenant – to Isaac, Jacob, the twelve tribes of Israel and all Christians.

  4. Abraham’s Compliance
    He was circumcised with all his household in obedience to God’s command.

Jesus the Son of God came and in obedience lay down His life on Calvary for God’s people.
Remember when you speak about the little Child of Bethlehem – He was already there when God made the covenant with Abraham!