41 Abram’s, Return, Revival & Re-assurance

Genesis 13v1-18

In the previous chapter we see how Abram and Sarai went down to Egypt to escape the famine and everything that happened there.

In the passage before us we see Abram’s:

  1. Return
    They came back to where the Lord had brought them – from where they should never have gone away. But we shouldn’t be too hard on Abram – they left for an actual famine – what does it take for us to flee? We should beware, when we start running it’s very hard to stop. What we allow over our borders we soon allow in our bathrooms (in every aspect of life). God brings people together and perhaps we are here now for God’s purpose and God’s time, to dig our heels in and love our fate.
    But having run, Abram learns and returns – faithfully to the place of his first calling. Back to trust his Father.

  2. Repentance
    Abram came to where he had made an altar at first. Are you there – at the altar of your will? When the Lord broke your will, brought you to contrition, confession, conversion and worship of Him! Are you still there – at the place of a broken and contrite heart (as in Ps. 51)?

  3. Revival
    After return and repentance comes revival! We pray that the Lord will stir that in every heart. Notice the revival was shown in prayer.

  4. Rivalries
    As so often, rivalries sprang up quickly – even within families. I suspect the rivalries weren’t only about the space issue. Can two walk together unless they are agreed? The answer is: No!

  5. Resolution
    Look at Abram’s humility and grace (see also Rom. 12v18). Abram gave Lot first choice and placed his trust in the Lord.

  6. Re-assurance
    See how God helped and encouraged Abram! There are many ways we can stray. But every promise the Lord makes He keeps. Return to Him, repent, and He will re-assure you too!

People think they can run from their problems, but they can’t. Here we will worship the Lord where He has placed us! May we obey and go where He has placed us, discipling and being discipled – in obedience to our King.