37 The Spread, Splendour, Sin and Saviour of the Nations

Genesis 10

Every nation comes from the sons of Noah. We see here the following:
The seed, spread, settlement, splendour and sin of the Nations.
And then we see their Saviour – and how greatly we all need Him!

  1. The Sons of Shem
    a) The Assyrians
    b) The Akkadians and Babylonians helped us with writing, legal codes and astronomy
    c) The Persians – renowned for tolerance and good governance. They had great roads and the first to standardise currency.
    d) The Hebrews have had a massive impact on the world in many spheres. But they have their problems too. We are not anti-Semitic by definition if we justly speak of them.

    All these nations were cruel in many ways. Conquests, wars and slavery were part of their cultures – their sin.

  2. The Sons of Ham
    a) The Egyptians – with all of their great works.
    b) The Cushites – Ethiopia, Eritrea, Parts of Sudan – great metalworkers and craftsmen.
    c) The Canaanites – also great craftsmen but widespread idolatry and even human sacrifice.
    d) The Phoenicians – great traders and sailors.

    Once again, all these nations committed terrible things. Conquests, cruelty and evil.

  3. The Sons of Japheth
    a) Indo-europeans – great advancements in language, philosophy, literature and science.
    b) The European, Slavic and Asian peoples (often mixed with the descendants from the other sons of Noah).

    Again great sorrow in wars and idolatry.  
    The Greek and Roman cultures were great in philosophy, science and engineering, but we see also perversion, conquest and corruption. The German people is often defined by their worst moments. We should be cognisant of this and rather be just in our assessment.

  4. The Saviour of the Nations!
    Psalm 22:27, 46:10; Isaiah 45:22; Matt. 28:19
    a) Our duty to the nations is to share the Gospel, yet we see such hard times today as well.
    b) Where God makes diversity, man must remove that, and where He doesn’t we want to implement diversity. It is still our rebellion against Him!
    c) And our own unfaithfulness. We are called to spread the Gospel, but struggle to keep our Churches going…

Do we really believe? Are we honest about it?
How greatly we need a Saviour!
May we have much grace to believe in Him!!