29 The Great Flood – The days of Noah (Part 2)

Genesis 7

We saw last week:

  1. God’s Deliverance of the Righteous

  2. God’s Destruction of the Reprobate

The rain of the Great Flood is the wrath of God.
As the waters of God’s wrath rises, the Ark rises. This is how the Lord preserves His Church.
If you want to rise above the flood of God’s wrath, you must be in the Church.

The result of the flood was that the waters prevailed, the Ark prevailed, and all flesh died which was not in the Ark.

But, glory to God — only Noah and those with him was saved.

As we await the judgment of God, we need to love the Lord’s Bride. There is no other place for bad people than at the foot of the cross. We need to reach the world with His Gospel.

Whatever God will bring over the earth, if you are in the Church, you are safe against the coming storm.