11 Sincere Repentance Brings Sweet Restoration (Part 1)

Psalm 6

If you are one of God’s people, you will always return to Him after sinning.

Psalm 6 is one of seven Penitential Psalms – prayers written by believers who have fallen into sin and had come back to the Lord. They are Psalms 6, 31, 37, 50, 111, 129 and 142.

  1. David’s Serious Depravity
    David’s serious sin required serious repentance.
    The census that David took (2nd Samuel 24) brought about a great calamity.
    He had sown a wind and was reaping a whirlwind of opposition.
    What was so terrible about this sin?
    a. David was king for many years before he was conquered by the ungodly desire to know the strength of his army. Remaining sin must be fought until the day the Lord takes us home.
    Youth is dangerous because of passions. Old age is dangerous because of the surgings of pride and false security.
    b. David was a successful king when he fell into this sin. The perils of prosperity are far greater than lack, because what need do we then have to ask God’s help?
    c. David made the army think that they were safe and they did not trust God as in the past.
    d. To take a census like this suggested that the men belonged to David – his army!  But it was the Lord’s army, only to be numbered when He commanded it. David aspired to take the prerogative of the only King.
    God never looks at the numbers, but at the heart.