11 Paul’s Son and Paul’s Brother

Philippians 2 v 19 – 30

Paul’s letter to the Philippians is very personal. One of his motives is in verse 28 – so that he may be less anxious – an acknowledgement that the Apostle was also anxious, but for the Lord’s people.

Paul’s son and Paul’s brother both had the mind of Christ.

  1. Paul’s Son Timothy
    He hoped in the Lord Jesus. We must also always hope in the Lord only, like James said ‘if the Lord wills’ (DV).
    Paul held Timothy back with the motive of wanting to know how they were. In our day with social media, when we’re glad, sad or mad the whole world knows about it instantly, but not so in Paul’s time. He said that there was no one like Timothy who would be genuinely concerned for the Philippians. Timothy was one of the first helps sent to Paul (Acts 16:1-12). Timothy’s devotion surpassed that of all others.
    Timothy served God, having the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 4:17).
    I encourage our young adults to show the young ones what it means to serve Christ.

  2. Paul’s Brother Epaphroditus
    He was a true brother and fellow soldier in Christ.
    He was a man of love with concern for his brothers – longing from them all, hiding that he was ill – a man who were concerned for his fellow believers.
    Do you also long to be with the Lord’s people?
    He was a man totally devoted to the work of Christ, willing to risk his life – a humble man. More than likely he also carried this letter of the Apostle Paul to the Philippians. I can imagine when he read it to the Philippians. We sit with it on printed paper today in many translations – how wonderful that the Lord preserved that letter on the journey!

We are to hold these men in high esteem because they demonstrate the humility and love so essential to the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ, emulating His mind. They rendered service to God and His Church which was just as essential as that offered by men like Paul, Peter and John.  The Church today needs more people like Timothy and Epaphroditus to provide that ministry necessary for the cause of Christ.

All of us cannot be a Paul or a Peter, but we can be a Timothy or an Epaphroditus. All we need are the same attitudes that they had, which are:

  1. Sincere concern for the condition and interests of others.
  2. Seeking first above all things, the things of Christ.
  3. Willingness to be a servant to others.
  4. Willingness to sacrifice themselves – even to the point of death.

Can you see? For God so loved the world – that sincere concern for the condition of others, seeking first the things of Christ, the willingness to serve others – that He gave His only begotten Son.
The willingness [of Christ] to sacrifice [Himself] is the very mind of Christ – even to the point of death.  This is the mind of Christ as we see it in Paul’s son and Paul’s brother.