10 Our Saviour’s Power, Promise and Purposes

Habakkuk 3v9-13a

The ESV and King James used different ground texts. The words ‘Thy bow was made quite naked, according to the oaths of the tribes, even Thy word’ in the KJV is very important, and should be considered part of Holy Scripture.

We need to wait until all the evidence is in before we make a judgement on what God is doing and has done, which is what Habakkuk learned. Instead of fretting about the present and what God was doing with the Chaldeans, he looked back and said let me look at what God has done, and wrote this beautiful Psalm, reflecting on the acts of God in all of redemption history

Prologue: His Comprehension of God’s Plan, Call and his Contrition.

Stanza 1: God’s presence, praise, power and purpose (last week).
Stanza 2: God fires His arrows at earth, fire and water (today’s sermon).
Stanza 3: God will crush the leader of wickedness (next week).

Epilogue: Habakkuk’s fear of God, faith in God, joy and peace.

We live in times of extreme crisis.
Helpful book by John Owen: Searching our hearts in difficult times.

  1. God’s Power
    Sins of unbelief and immorality are rampant today.
    We need to see the present pandemic as God’s judgement. A degree of quickening occurred in John Owen’s time. We see ourselves in times of extreme crisis.  Even our local police station is closed due to this pandemic.  Domestic violence is rampant in the street while the police cannot help to stop it. But God is still in control in spite of all the negative elements and influences.

  2. God’s Promise
    Habakkuk tells us more of what God is doing for the salvation of His people, going forth with His anointed, the Lord Jesus Christ, our Prophet, High Priest and King.
    God will crush the virus, communism and radicalism under His heal. People need to fear God who fires His arrows at the earth, fire and water.  Mountains writhed in front of His arrows – the Red Sea. It’s His power.
    In our city the earth is destroyed by people who dump rubbish in the streets and smashing our water hydrants. These destroyers are working for the enemy. Who are you working for?
    Why does God fire His arrows? Because He is the covenant God who keeps His promises according to His own Word. Nothing will pluck us from His hand.

  3. God’s Purposes
    Salvation in Christ Jesus. We are a blessed people, on the side of the God of Habakkuk.
    I hope that this leaves you with faith, hope and joy in the LORD.
    Calvin speaks on quietness in adversity (Lam 3:24).
    We will not despair, but trust in God. His favour is sufficient for us (Psalm 16:5).
    If God be for us, who can be against us? God with His arrows and power is resolute to keep His purpose to save us from the penalty, power and eventually even the presence of sin through Justification, Sanctification and Glorification in the Christ of Calvary.

We serve Habakkuk’s God. Whatever your pain or sorrow may be, whatever may have happened to you or your family, friends or work – whatever threatens you now – we serve the God of Habakkuk.
He is exerting His power to keep His promises to fulfill in us His purposes.