06 A brother’s crime and cruelty exposed

Obadiah vv 10-14

1. Edom’s crime exposed (v 10)

a. The crime 
With malice, they violated the great commandment of loving God and neighbour.

b. The conviction 
The Lord found them guilty.

c. The consequence 
They were shamed and cut off forever.

2. Edom’s cruelty exposed (vv 11-14)

a. Heartless inaction. 
They became like the Babylonians, their common enemy, in doing nothing against injustice done to Judah. 

b. They rejoiced over the ruin of their brother. 
We must instead have a soft heart and help people who suffer, even if they are receiving their just desserts. 

c. They gloated over and looted in the day of their brother’s calamity. 

d. They cut off fugitives and handed them over to the enemy. 

What the Edomites did to Judah and failed to do for their brother, humanity did to Christ on the cross. 

We can only obey God’s Law in the strength that Christ supplies through His indwelling Holy Spirit.