03 Paul’s Thanksgiving for the Philippians

Philippians 1 v 5-11

Verses 3 to 8 is a window into Paul’s heart:

  1. Their partnership in the Gospel.
    We get a glimpse into his prayer life. He always prayed for those with whom he labored in the Gospel, e.g. Lydia (Acts 16:15).
    He remembers their partnership sweetly.
    In spite of imprisonment Paul could pray with joyful thanksgiving as he remembered the Philippians. We need too as well as we remember one another. We must have this heart of Paul – remembering people.
    This is fellowship in the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ – sharing together in spreading the Word – directly by preaching or indirectly by supporting preachers.
  1. His confidence in their progress (v 6-7)
    This involves the faithfulness of God Himself (1 Cor. 10; 1 John 1:9)
    and also the faithfulness of the Philippians (Phil 2:29-30).
    We too must be faithful in this time, which is how the Lord will complete the work that He has begun among us and within us. No virus can stop that. We grow by sharing together in the grace of God. God began a good work in our conversion:
    a. Providence in giving us opportunity to hear the Gospel.
    b. Regeneration when we responded to the commands.
    c. As we continue to work out our salvation (Phil 2:12).
    God’s divine help will be with us until the Day of Jesus Christ.
  1. His longing for their presence.
    Expressing the deep affection that he has in his heart for them –
    the same kind of love that Jesus has for His disciples.
    This love should characterize all disciples of Christ.
    It is how the world will know that we are truly His disciples.

We need to be just like the Apostle Paul in this time.