02 Introduction to Obadiah (Part 2)

Three types of relationships:

  1. Believer to God (in the sanctuary).

  2. Believer to believer (in the land).

  3. Believers to unbelievers (in the world).

Key themes in Obadiah – what the book is about:

  1. The Lord Jesus Christ – God’s true humiliated and vindicated.

  2. Our spiritual fathers – how they suffered and how God relieved and vindicated them.

  3. The Justice of God.

  4. The spreading of the Gospel.

  5. The particular wickedness of those who were close to the people of God, yet persecuted them.

  6. How the Second Commandment can be broken in the sin of neutrality.

  7. Indifference to the suffering of others.

  8. Envy, malice and boasting.

  9. Where family feuds, grudges and the profane spirit (living for the here and now) lead.

  10. Refuges outside of the true God will always let you down.

  11. God is sovereign over the nations.

  12. God intervenes in history to punish wicked nations.

  13. Gives us a picture of what a world set straight looks like.

  14. God uses individuals and nations as instruments of His purposes.

  15. Hurting God’s people is a very dangerous and stupid thing to do.

  16. God keeps His promises to protect His people and to bless the world through them.

  17. Shows us that the persecuted people of God are to be confident in His care for them even though they may feel neglected and hopeless.